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Monsters are back and better than ever! The monsters are just itching to get back into the fight! They follow each other and move like a snake. Lead your troopers to survive in the thrilling chickens' mayhem! 

Shoot, explode and smash chickens and collect surprise eggs! Discover new territories and explore the big world. Huge crowds of chickens, a lot of surprise eggs and friend monsters await you!

Looking for a big collection of the surprise eggs? Looking for smashing trillions of chickens? Looking for a team of mini monsters you can put in your pocket? Build a minion team of experienced monsters. Collect surprise eggs and earn gems and coins. Unlock monsters with coins and then empower them with gems! Upgrade their unique super power and health to help them survive longer on the chicken-field.

Unlock monsters in a strategic order considering their unique attacking style and super power ranging from healing and spawning meteor storm. Use the touch controller to move your squad, tap skill buttons to trigger slick special super powers to smash chickens. Help the monsters fight through endless waves of chickens in 6 different themed maps. How long can you survive among the crazy chickens?

Light-hearted gameplay with strategic and tactical battles and intuitive troop control. Pocket Monsters is an armour game genre strategy shooter. Tiny, cute monster dudes with a characterized special super power. Smash chickens, think up new tactics of collecting surprise eggs which will give you coins, gems or new friend monster. Different character chickens with an interesting attacking pattern and a beautiful cartoonish graphics will not make you get bored.

● Fight with crazy chickens
● Explore the different themed map
● Challenge characterised chicken
● Collect surprise eggs
● Save other monsters
● Improve your team

There are several monsters, each of them has its own qualities and skills:
Haru the Zombie
He bites real hard. Best for the close range attack. A single zombie is not strong enough however they are super tough when they are together.

Ina the Ghost
A long-range weaponry pro with their highest accuracy.

Haya the Skeleton
He shoots 8 shots in one trigger. Deals high damage when chickens are close enough.

Ki the Orc 
Mid-range shot with splash damage covering multiple targets in this strategy shooter. 

Tai the Mummy
High health points and healing. Definitely the key unit for the long run survival. Tanker and Healer.

Mojo the Bat
Deals lots of damage, but has low accuracy. But a master of close combat.

Kora the Oni
He shoots stun wave. It only deals small damage however it will hold chickens for a few seconds. Best for combination with other super powers.

Kurie the Demon
He can distract chickens by shooting his cloned dummy. It will allow you spare time for recharging or changing strategies.

Paik the Dragon
Real hard damage with meteor storm. Master class of the damage dealer.

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